UI on Mono was basically fixed, the text is now presented correctly. If you have Flashtool installed, Java Runtime is not required. Which also allowed me to implement these features: Each file gets a name by analyzing data received from Sony. If it finds a new version, it offers you to open this thread. Platform-specific methods were replaced with custom methods to support most platforms that have Mono installed. XperiFirm moves to X.

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How do I add a device to favorites? There are a whole bunch of tutorials on the internet and on this forum.

The bug that caused «Invalid resource file xperifim No more obscure Java errors that prevent XperiFirm from launching or working properly.

Smart release version checking: Net Framework version required depending on the Windows version you are running. Which also allowed me to implement these features: Inspired by the old xperkfirm good NaviFirm Nokia firmware downloader.

Smart auto-decryption ability, that uses online data to correctly unpack the firmware and prepare it for FTF creating in Flashtool. A minor bug was fixed, that made XperiFirm crash when Downloader is closed while downloading a firmware.


Some visual bugs were fixed for even smoother experience! Performance now improved drastically. A new info was added to XperiFirm Downloader — the «Network» name.

Download XperiFirm – Xperia Firmware Downloader v | MobileRdx

Each file gets a name by analyzing data received from Sony. Войдите в свой аккаунт. Only empty «Latest Release» fields will be checked when using «Check All». Many old firmware are now being grayed out, which means that they are located on the old no longer maintained Sony server.

V4.5.0.aip should solve the occasional «Failed to connect to the server. XperiFirm will now use Java bit in Windows bit. Complete instructions on how to install Mono on Mac and using Xperifirm on Mac are provided here. Что если скачать подходящую версию другой страны? You might need to set some of your Favorites again.

XperiFirm v4.5.0 [Sony Xperia Firmware Downloader]

Fixed an issue with the new code design related to devices which share the same model C On some computers, lists might get cached and unable to refresh.

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Error handling was improved! Each and every device is being recognized exactly as marketed by Sony all around the UI, including devices that are merely variants of the same device. Useless for most users, but provides general idea about the intended networks the firmware supports.


Some internal changes had to be made to support changes made by Sony for old devices: The download folder will always have a unique name adding » » instead of overwriting. You can scroll the lists, click on the CDAs as they are being checked and resort the list. Install Mono for OS X: A few under-the-hood bug fixes.

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Subscribe to Thread Page 1 of 1 2 3 11 51 Last. Manual unpacking for download manager support! They are basically the same, just with different operator-specific apps.