It is just a micro, 3 LEDs and 3 switches. Once you see how much can be fitted into this tiny chip, you will see why we started with such a small device. The second part of this article teaches you how to produce a program by cutting and pasting sub-routines into a template. You can then put the chip into the other project to be programmed and modified and re-fit it into this project for execution. Feel the calmness of sunset around you and watch the birds return to their nests.

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Allow all the LEDs to flash two times then push the first button called SwA and hold it down and the sequence will change to the next sequence.

Overall, our approach will achieve two things. Now press the first button. It will work on 6v if the regulator is removed and a diode is placed between the «in» and «out» pads or on 7v to 15v DC with the regulator fitted to the board.

The first sequence can be created by the user. Introducing the best silent camera ever!

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It is «a step removed» from learning PIC language. They all give gx impression that everything will work as soon as you turn on the power. Add stamp while capturing photo. Re-connect the 5-pin connector and locate the next pin to the pre-tinned land. You can program the module to carry out these tasks and cut the prototyping area to make the module as small as possible.


The chip has an inbuilt 4MHz oscillator and this is divided by 4 so it executes instructions at the rate of one million per second. But now the full capability of an 8-pin micro can be realised and its 1, lines of code can be used to produce very impressive projects.

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These are all clever instructions that need to be looked at to see how they operate. It is just a micro, 3 LEDs and 3 switches. Heat the pin and it will be soldered in place. If you take it up and understand it, you are one of the microscopic few.

It gives your phone a riveting look, needs no launcher, uses very little battery and works on all phones! Two pins are for the 0v and 5v connections. Keep the button pressed.


It involves a method of «copy and paste» whereby sub-routines are taken from previously written code piic copied into your program. Now press the second button. The 5 programming pins are called «machine pins» and are soldered directly to the top of each land by adding a little solder to the land and the hollow end of the pin.

We ppic provided all the hardware and software for you to do this. One of the coolest live wallpapers out there!

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Using our method is like writing your own auto-biography. There is one advantage of using assembly. To be able to modify the chip you will need a programming socket and this can be obtained from one of our other projects that contains the 5 pins for in-circuit programming.


This track is missing from the board and must be connected via a short length of fine tinned copper wire included in the kit. PIC Fx-1 module can duplicate almost all the projects designed for the Basic Stamp-1 that use up to 6 in-out lines.

You can then create a new program by copying and pasting routines onto the new template. Turn the project ON.

It will get a new group of beginners into the world of microcontrollers at very low cost and show how to produce a program to do almost anything you want. If the project ipc turned off and on again, this sequence will be displayed as sequence1. This program will test your reaction time.