Present simple and present continuous 3 Write sentences. Then write short answers. Native Americans went to live on the island, and they stayed there for two years. My brother has just started a blog. Ellis, Currerand Acton Bell. Be a local hero — do voluntary work and help your community.

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Invent the following information to complete the model below. Luckily, an instructor helped me! Perhaps he jumped well and survived. The form is the same for all persons. Is there an alarm? How old is Amy? How to travel there? He told the flight attendant that he had a bomb in his briefcase, and he demanded S and англойский parachutes.

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Present perfect and past simpie о We use the present perfect for situations when the time period is not finished. Then write short answers.

Tom Er, actually, I Do you ever borrow money? And the ship Use the present continuous form of these verbs.


Use the present simple or the present continuous. The game has been In the shops for two weeks.

Владение другими языками обогащает человека, углубляется познание связей мировых событий, растет общий культурный уровень людей и всего сообщества. О Recycle Speaking 17 Look at the questions. A No, I do this because I love it.

Ask and answer the questions in exercise 3.

After an hour, he called the flight attendant. Выполнение задания лартонова полученные знания, дает устойчивые понятия по пройденному материалу. Nearly 61 million people live in the UK, and about 30 million tourists visit every year.

We swapped flats a year ago, so I call round each week. Do the 2 quiz.

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Bebo One of my favourite websites is a social networking site called Bebo. They were Nobel prize winners. Ask and answer the questions. Russian, British and American companies [are also going to offer space tourism before the end of [the decade.


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Think of activities to do for each section. Tourists have to be careful. What products can you see? However, there are also some disadvantages, Bebo has helped me keep in touch with people, but sometimes I маклет I spend too much time on the computer!

Каждый урок имеет свой номер, к номеру прилагаются задание и домашняя работа, которая учениками выполняется с удовольствием. This is my brother Alfie.